Cheapest Universities in UAE

The UAE definitely has a landscape that beckons students from all over the globe. Some of the top universities of the Gulf region are situated here and nearly all courses related to undergraduate and graduate studies are taught in these institutions. The exotic beaches, sand, the sun and the possible notion of acquiring good jobs after graduation pull in students from all over the world. There are seven states in UAE including Dubai, which is a hub of the biggest business opportunities. The universities are offering different study programs including bachelors, masters and PhD programs. These universities offer different scholarship programs for deserving students.

  • New York University Abu DhabiNew York University Abu Dhabi

This university is not exclusive to any particular group of students and thus has a vastly diverse student body. The officials of this university aim at providing quality education to deserving students with a fee structure plan that is affordable for them. Financial support is available for the students in the form of scholarships such as the Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for exceptional students.


Tuition and mandatory fees (confirmed) $46,435
Health insurance* $2,410
Room and board (meals) $15,450
Estimated personal expenses $2,180
Estimated travel $3,270
Total cost of attendance (estimated) $69,745


It is the overall budget for the current year and it will differ a bit according to the category you choose for admissions. Students must have their health insurance and complete medical checkup for their student visa.

  • American University of Sharjah:

This university has an educational format akin to that of the standard of American universities. There is only one key to getting admission in this university and that is merit. Educational expenses will not be a barrier for those students who deserve to get admission here.

Tuition for all majors
(12 to 16 credits)
AED 39,960 per semester

Tuition fee including other expenditure

AED 79,920 per academic year


The American university also has a residence facility for their foreign students. It has private rooms, semiprivate rooms, sharing rooms and double rooms. You can choose your room according to your finances.

Type of Room Per Academic Year
Private room AED29,800
Semi-private room AED21,100
Sharing room AED11,560
Single room AED11,120
Double room AED6,460


  • University of Sharjah

University of Sharjah has more than eighty bachelor programs for students interested in studying from this state. Amazingly, university of Sharjah is also offering medical study and doctoral programs.

Program Annual Tuition
Law 36,000
Arts 33,000
Sciences 42,000
Business studies 45,000
Engineering 49,750


  • Hamdan eTQM University Dubai:

When talking about the cheapest and most competent universities in the UAE, it is impossible to leave out the mention of Hamdan eTQM University. It provides premium quality education and welcome students belonging to all nationalities. The diversity of students admitted in this university is very vast because the fee structure of this university is very affordable.

Programs Tuition Fees in AED
English Language Learning 4800
MAP Management Appreciation program 5000
Foundation in Human Resources 11,000
Health Administration 47,000


Admission and registration fees are to be submitted separately.

 Admission fee Local Students (AED) Foreign Students (USD)
Non refundable 1,100 400


  • Amity University Dubai:

Amity University is an Indian university that offers highly affordable education in various disciplines to overseas students such as Forensic science, Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Entrepreneurship, hotel and tourism management. It has highly qualified and experienced faculty. The university fee ranges from AED 30,000 to 50,000 per annum depending upon the discipline selected by a student. There are various scholarship programs for overseas students too.

The UAE thus has many universities that provide the best quality education to their students according to the modern trends with a very reasonable fee structure that is within the means of many people. Pursue your dream career by applying for these universities.

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